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Engineering ;

Rönesans Çelik has its own design department, including design and engineering sections which use the latest licensed software (Tekla Structures, AutoCAD, Navisworks, Inventor and SUB2000) ensuring maximum precision in calculations and drawings.

Over 2 years, Rönesans Çelik has built up a qualified design team who understands the diverse nature of engineering. Team members resourced to each job are hand-picked according to specific project requirements in terms of experience, specialist skills and problem-solving capabilities.

Our Design Department has wide range of capabilities, we can design objects of any complexity pursuant to technical requirements.

Precision of Fabrication is secured in the design phase, where the building’s supporting structures are created as a 3D-model, representing everything down to the last detail.

We are sure about Reliability and Longevity since calculations for load-bearing structures are performed based on a spatial model, to analyze the stress and strain at any point of the building frame.

No matter where you are in the planning or design process, Rönesans Çelik can get involved as your expert advisor in structural steel construction. Our experienced detailers and engineers can help economize designs to save you time and money and can take care of all your steel structure needs from the ground up.